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About | Sense of Cycling
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Sense of Cycling is a project under the ESOF 2014 “Science in the City” conference in Copenhagen June 2014.

The participants explore and map a diversity of bicycling practices and perceptions. Departing from the Danish Architecture Center in Christianshavn, the itinerary coincides with the future “Harbour Ring” bicycle path, currently deveoped by the City of Copenhagen between Nyhavn and Sluseholmen, and on both sides of Copenhagen harbour.


The treasure hunt takes you to different categories of urban space. At each stop, the participating teams receive instructions allowing them to make their bicycles a medium for qualitative approaches to the city as an environment of human mobility. With simple tools such as mobile telephones and written notes, each group registers essential features of their bicycling experiences in urban space.

At the final destination, photographs, sound documents, etc. are collected in a data base which will be processed during the following days. The results will be presented during ESOF2014 at a public seminar for the workshop participants as well as a wide audience of bicycle enthousiasts or professionals.


Contact: senseofcycling@gmail.com